Each of the pictures of old PaP has a special meaning all of its own, and this meaning may be different from person to person, but I am sure that this old picture of kids getting in to a red bus to go to St.Peter's will raise many a lump in the throat as it has done for me. Thanks to Gordon Armstrong for picking it out and then sending it in...what a lovely shot. The picture is taken on Bay Avenue looking out towards Concord Circular, and Flamboyant Avenue. Must be really old, no house where the Godiers used to live on the corner of Flamboyant and Concord Circular, and next to it on Flamboyant itself, no house where the Yearwoods used to live (Someone has suggested that the picture is not wide enough but that at time the houses would have been there). I can see a house where the De Verteuils once lived, and across the road from them, backing what is now the golf course, is where the Inglis lived. Near to the Inglis' home was the path that went over a hill down to Endridge road.....a favourite smoking spot in the earlies. Look at the telephone lines, most noticeable by the little insulators on the cross bar on the "lamp post" to the right of the pic'......who remembers the operator Muriel Donowa...."why you flashin' me so"........great times. Look at the Bay avenue bus shelter peeping out to the left of the picture....wooden shingles on the roof. Some things never change though....kids going to school.....the bigger boy on Cedar has his head hung low, maybe hoping that no one will notice him and the bus will drive off without him. Thanks again Gordon....super shot.


Old Pointe-a-Pierre Pages.

 Nostalgic scenes of Old PaP.
 Nostalgic scenes of Old PaP.
 Nostalgic scenes of Old PaP.
 Nostalgic pics of Old PaP people.
 Nostalgic pics of Old PaP people.
 Nostalgic pics of Old PaP people.
 Today pics of Past PaP people at a recent wedding.


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 Visit your once loved Bus Shelter.
   Visit your once loved Bus Shelter.
Join us on a drive from the Admin Building though PaP.
Lets stop off and have a quick walk through our beloved club. 
   Lets see more of the club before we re-start the drive.
   Back in the car up Club Hill , over Concord Hill to Reservoir Road.
   Turn left at Reservoir, down to 4 Mess known as Vatican City.

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   Scenes of La Carriere today.
   Scenes of Yacht Club today.
   Scenes of Carib Valley today.

Pointe-a-Pierre's Vatican City.

   Visit our wonderful Vatican City.


People have once again walked the hallowed PaP ground.
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