P-a-P Yacht Club.

Super place with loads of good memories.

We open with an old shot of the Yacht Club, taken back in the times when we loved it so. This was also kindly sent in by Kim Merrick (Wood)...thanks Kim. I can remember the smell of the sea, the smell of the bar, the smell of Anchor Special and cigarette smoke, and of course the sound of the gentle lapping of the waves.

Followed by a today pic that shows that other than in soul, the club and its surroundings are still very beautiful. The little shed down at beach level was originally built to house the Ski Boat, and the Guy Falkes bonfire was lit just above it on the slope behind it.......seems just like yesterday!!!

Geoff Pallant sent in this great shot of what the Sunday racing used to look like way back when the Yacht Club was loved and used. I notice that the TCL loading conveyor is up so this may not be too old a shot. Thanks Geoff.

A somewhat uninteresting shot taken looking down the hill at that awful corner where the road almost doubles back on itself. This was the entrance to the Yacht Club and Bathing Jetty right at the end of the La Carriere Road. Jackie Carr-Brown (Gibbon) reminded me this morning that this entrance is in fact a road.....Ajax Avenue....thanks Jacks.

Even though optics may say otherwise, this is a shot looking down what we considered to be a steep hill descending to the Yacht Club. Always a point of great excitement....wondering who was there, trying to judge the size of the crowd, listening for music, and of course the final comb through well greased hair......check handkerchief in the back pocket, and for some, a quick sniff under each arm-pit..........super spot, but hard to really capture on film with such a limited lens.