Another unique site full of memories.

I have always felt Carib Valley to be a completely different part of Pointe-a-Pierre. First of all they had a beach, and we must admit it, they really owned the Yacht Club. Then they had that big hill, that now doesn't look quite as threatening, but of course I don't have to face it with a ball bearing wheeled box cart. Some of my favourite characters lived there - John (Tooge) Dawson, Ted and Bill (Shot) Ledeatt, and Terrence O'Brien. The special beauty that is Carib Valley remains, but like in all the other old camps the bungalows sit there gazing sadly outward as though remembering a happier time, a time when they housed real live people with happy children and great they stand empty, mere shells of mortar, brick and galvanized sheets.....the old personalities of each setting long gone. Like in many of the other places the legendary bus shelters look equally sad, some of them look as though they hope that somebody will come and sit in them, just for a while, and maybe even smoke a quick Anchor Special. Hope that you enjoy the following few pics.

What better place to start than looking up the old hill. No longer open at the top it is still quite imposing but nothing like what I remember as a boy. Note the old bus shelter.

Taken from the same spot looking towards the O'Brien's house with a snippet of the sea in the will have to imagine the little pebble beach, Macrea (spelling?) at anchor, and the sound of the gently lapping sea.

Another view looking towards O'Briens, this time from the Yacht Club side. Ledeatt's would be the red roofed house on the left. Abraham's is just out of camera range on the right.

A look in from the little piece of flat just at the top of the Yacht Club hill. Had hoped to get in Abraham's and Gibbon's but no luck....photographer's fault. On the left just peeping out would be the Dawson's.