Old people pics to jog the memory.

The warm water of Mayaro Beach help Carol Mearns, Laura Gabe and Linda Chamberlain to relax and enjoy the moment. Revered by the Hindus, the sea remains constant. A dip in this same spot would be the same today as it was back then. Submitted by Evelyn Gabe along with most of the pics below. I have been so efficient that once I have the pics up on the draft page, I trash the e-mail that they came in on without making notes so tend to forget the names...sorry.

In the background the beloved club, and standing in the fountain are Carol Mearns, Evelyn's cousin from the US, and Evelyn herself....cheers Evelyn.

Sean O'Connor sent in this great shot, a good shot of Jennifer Cantril in 1966, and a lovely shot of the club and pool in the background......thanks Sean.

I am reliably assured that the person on the left looking in to his glass and hoping that nobody notices his left hand, is Desmond Pontifex, next to him is ???, and next to her ??? (no relation), and Anthony "Zant" Abraham who seems to be thinking......"how do I get another beer without having to get up and leave this spot at this time".


Kiddies Carnival at Guaracara park in the sixties sees Zant and Mike Devin scoping out the scenes.

Same Kiddies Carnival, Robin "Stork" Storey enjoys something that the camera has not picked up, David "Sniggs" Inglis thinks about his last missed put, and Mike Devin takes in the scenes quietly. It looks like Peter "Haggis" Hughes' head between Robin and Sniggs, and to Mike's right, Raymond Westmorland in dark shirt and light pants.