Trinidad In The 40s.

Thanks to Richard Dolman & Bruce Locke.

Thanks to Richard Dolman's persistence at trying to reach me by e-mail at the time that my PC was in trauma, he and I were able to make contact via e-mail. Richard has very kindly sent in scads of great pictures, opening up for the first time a series of pre-1950s pictures and news. Richard came here from England in 1937 and left for Venezuela in 1947. The pictures in the three sections of this site have been selected by Richard and show that the things that are dear to our hearts have little to do with the time we lived there in and more to do with just how wonderful PaP was at all times. Richard it would seems shares our good memories of the time. Cheers Richard, glad to have you on board.

Bruce Locke has kindly added to the mood of reflection by submitting some great pics of the Dubbs plant taken back in June 1944. Most of them have people, people we knew and have good memories of......definitely worth the visit....thanks Bruce.

All the buttons below are now active - People and places have some new pics, and the Trini Misc' has finally been posted......hope that you enjoy.

 People have gone way back to the forties.