Wow! This lovely old pic of Brighton was taken in 1962. I'm going to guess that it was sent in to Gordon Collier, who I "lifted" from electronically, by Sean O'Connor. It is taken from the front of the house where my folks last lived in while at Brighton. The front steps of the house was our favourite meeting spot, and even though at that time the "Old Brighton" was already past, it was still a lovely and peaceful place to live. This is the view that calmed us many many times....thanks Gordon, and I guess Sean. On one of the Brighton pages there is a shot with nearly the same view taken 37 years later......big change......not for the good I'm afraid.


 Sad scenes of beautiful Brighton camp.
 Sad scenes of old Brighton homes.
 Sad scenes of old Brighton homes.

Come see what the brave people of La Brea are doing to better their lot and take a trip back to the present.

Brighton - Have a look at what we were back then. Lovely safe surroundings, great adults, and not a worry in the world.

Come play golf with us again. Lovely shots of the Brighton golf course sometime between the old days and now.

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