I have inserted these two faces on to this Index Page because in a great many ways they typify what St.Pete's was all about. On the left is Pidge, quiet, calm, always the speed........the ringer of the school bell that regimented our life at school. A good friend, and from time to time supplier of Anchor Special cigs' to those of us who he counted among his friends....always willing to share what little he had. Peter Hughes Snr...."Occhhh laddie....whap tap" sums up what he was notorious for, but behind all of that he had great love for all of us and was a super chemistry teacher. Mr.Hughes is now gone to the big St.Pete's in the sky, and Pidge to another life that will be better than the one we knew him in. Thanks to Gordon Collier who doesn't know that he supplied these pics........I "lifted" them off of his site......."cyber-pirated" them to be honest....thanks Fig.


 The school and its people.


 The boarding house and its people.
 Lovely people pics from Focus magazine.

 A report card from 1961.

People have gone back to school for the first time in a long time.
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