PE 1912 - Austin Healey Sprite.

When Ian Aleaxander so kindly and thoughtfully sent in this pic as being Bill Ledeatt, Allison Taylor and John Springer sitting on PE1912 (ultimately my Austin Healey Sprite), it took a while before it sunk in that Bill had it before me....I sure didn't remember that at the time. Immediately as I saw the pic though, it was like seeing an old friend for the first time in a long time and the sound of the engine (Burgess muffler) immediately caressed my memories and the smell of the Castrol X engine oil came back to me as if the car was sitting idling in the garage......just longing to be taken for a fast drive....maaaan! those were great times and as the first car that I owned, PE 1912 was one of the growing-up frontiers that I benefited from even up to now....Thanks Ian....this pic sure woke up a great part of my good-memories bank.

When Ian followed up with the pic below with the number PE1912 staring me straight in the face it was nearly to much....what a rush!! Parked next to it is John's light blue Sprite that I also remember well. Sitting on John's car is Christine Alexander. If these cars were still alive today they would be about 46 years old. I have retouched this pic as best I could to try to bring out the Twilite Drive-In sign at rear right of the pic without loosing too much quality.....hope that I hit the right balance....thanks Ian...great stuff...had me going for quite a while. To see more of Ian's pics scroll down to the two buttons below.