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General country information.

Trinidad and Tobago Is a twin island state, and an independent republic within the Commonwealth. Trinidad is the Southernmost of the tropical Caribbean islands and the larger of the two islands. Tobago sits to the North East of Trinidad and is a beautiful tourist destination. Located only 11 Km East of the South American country of Venezuela, Trinidad is just south of the hurricane belt and a favourite stop for yachts. The combined population of the two islands is 1.3 million people. Ethnically and culturally diverse, we are blessed with a tolerant and stable society that has defied the norms, and the rigours of a rich but tragic and sometimes unsettled history. Our diversified and robust economy is supported by an active and progressive Oil and Energy Industry. Already the world's largest exporter of ammonia, Trinidad is establishing itself as a major world source of liquefied natural gas and a major methanol producer. A colony of Great Britain up until independence in 1962, we have a stable system of government based on the Westminster system that has seen some nine peaceful government elections, in which the last three have seen smooth changes in the ruling political party.


Trinidad & Tobago Country Links.

Great Trinidad and Tobago Places.

Trinidad Carnival, the best anywhere.

My own Carnival experiences and joy recorded through my lens and words.


Great Carnival Bands.


Super Carnival 2002 Link.

TnT Newspapers.

Trinidad & Tobago Current Weather.

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