37 Years ago.

Not a picture of the Tempos above and not sure what part this played in the formation of the band, but a picture that in my mind typifies a great part of what we were all about and a collection of some of the nicer guys of the time. Sad that one of us is not with us any more. Picture thanks to - Brenda Chad (Olver).

The Tempos pose with the Poppettes - sitting are Claire Ramsden and Hugh Robertson. Standing from left Frank Hinkson, ?? Help, Alison Taylor, Stan Soodeen, Betty Ironside, Terry Edmonds, Sid Johnson, Rosemund de Freitas, Mary-Lou Wainwright, and Johnny Springer. Missing at the reunion were Frank who is overseas and Johnny who is not with us any more.

Picture thanks to - Not sure.

All gussied up in their best suits the boys belt out good sounds at Linda Maingot and Kevin Krogh's wedding. Not sure about the player on the extreme left...Sid?? help......and they are joined by Wayne "Tomba" Alleyne for this gig. Picture thanks to - Sid Johnson.

Classic Tempos Frank, Johnny, Stan, Hugh and Sid. Picture thanks to - Sid Johnson.

Did the best I could to get this picture cleared up but tough job.....not a good copy. Just from guesswork - from right Stan Soodeen, Ronnie Fortune, Hugh Robertson ??, Sid Johnson, Wayne Alleyne. Would appreciate any help on the others or corrections on these. Not sure what this might have had to do with the Tempos but Sid, Stan or Hugh might give us a clue. Picture thanks to - Brenda Chad (Olver).