These absolutely fabulous shots capture the real spirit of the reunion.....being yourself and having fun. Sent in by Joan Taylor, each one has a little story of its own and has captured a bit of what Tobago is all about....thanks Joan, sorry about the loss in quality but I had to reduce them to fit and that always takes away a bit....great shots anyhow.

While in Tobago, the Mr.Universe contest was being held and we were lucky to be able to sit in on the "Prince Machobelly" (Thanks Sandra) presentation. One thing that we could not get over is how much these international delegates looked like Sniggs, Chris, Alec, Tommy and Wes...quite weird but these guys were good!!

Oh my! how nice! what a nice young man.....Dave comes back from the bar where he went specially to get some special brew for the girls who were lolling around doing tropical things....isn't that sweet or something.......sweet my ass.....he must have had at least three of his own while at the bar solomio waiting for drinks!!!

It happens every year at tourist time.....Tobago is invaded by "Urins". The nice Tobago people provide special toilet facilities as a great show of hospitality for these visitors. They are usually located right next to the Male and Female toilets in a great act of integration. A confused Sandra decides "hell I didn't want to go anyhow.....I think I'll just wash my hands so that nobody will notice....what would I say to a Urin anyhow".

All joking aside, the Tobago people are very proud of their island and are very orderly, and while we might find the sign that says "Please note - No spitting & putting feet on the table", to be quaint it is deadly serious......notice that this threesome have their feet on the ground and no spitting.