Pictures of people as they are now.

Barbara and Michael frost welcome the coming of the new Millennium.......they would have been 12 hrs in to it when we entered.

Gordon and Nina Collier enjoy the same party "Down Under".

Hugh and Sue Robertson take a moment away from their duties to have a quick 'Foot push".......they were chief judges in the "hugging-up" competition waging wildly behind them as they dance.

The Wainwright clan at a recent family wedding here at the Church of the Assumption in Maraval. Significant for me in that Donna and I were married in the same church, in front of that same alter 31 years ago, and Mavies (first on left standing) was my best man.

A happy group in Canada doing what Trinis do well anywhere in the world.....partying.

From the left is Brian Abraham, Raymond Chamberlain and Rick Pontifex enjoying the rest period in Harts band....Carnival 1999.

Man I hate to do this....there are four recent pics of Rick on the site and three of them at natural extension one could safely assume that he hibernates between Carnivals, waking up only for "de fete"......not true...Rick, like Joel Maingot next to him (with the spare banana on his belt) are both foundation oilfield people.

Here's Geoff Pallant.......a person I had not seen hide nor hair of for over 30 years....great to hear from you Geoff and super to see that all is OK.

As we drove up to the club nearing the end of our PaP tour I saw Sandra Montano (Charles) coming in from a round of golf and asked in general terms "Do you remember Sandra Charles"....well quite a shout went up.....Yes we do!! It was great to see Karen and Stephanie Whitburm meet and embrace Sandra who knew them immediately. Guess that this is what the whole PaP site is all about, and in a turn of poetic coincidence the brief but happy reunion took place in front of the club. Must admit that in my quest for subject and composition I lost the light and this is not a really a good picture, but it does capture a happy and rewarding moment.

In this lovely pic sent in by Pat Gonsalves (Whitney) are her two brothers George Jnr. on the left and John on the right, and standing like a rose between two thorns is a fabulous Mrs.Whitney. Muriel is now 83 years old, in good health, and as sharp as a pin.......Hi Mrs.Whitney...great to see you even if by picture.

A nice shot of David de Boehmler shows that he looks exactly the same.

Valery Russell (nee Smart) is now a very happy Valery Storey. Her self and Mick were married wishes for a long and happy life together from us all.