Pictures of the Boyz and Girlz back then.

The two guys that started it all - Raymond Westmorland on the left and Keith O'Brien on the right taken in 1963.....see them as they are today on the Rogue's Gallery.

Maan! that must have been one mean 'gator...all tied up and all.......that makes Randall Bayne one brave dude.

Not sure whose house this is at but the stuff on the table tells it all. From left - Gary Price, David (Sniggs) Inglis, and Douglas Bayne. Don't recognize the feet on the extreme right but big enough for these guys to go fishing in.

Peter Hughes enjoys both Mayaro beach and a cold beer....while Joan Serrao hopes that he will let her drive......"Hey you don't have to chug so fast".

No cold beer here...."let him drive PJ 641 nah!" Chris Taylor and Suzy Crooks enjoy Mayaro.


Raymond Westmorland enjoys Mayaro and a cold beer, and Roz Foster says...."He's going to let me drive".

Anthony Abraham explains about the dissolution of Co2 from his rum and Coke to beautiful Gillian Carty.....Hi LuLu and Zant.

A sad picture of a happy moment a long time ago. Enjoying Old Year's Night are from left Raymond Chamberlain??, Johnny Springer (rest well Johnny, we miss ya), ??Alleyne??, Raymond Westmorland, Anthony Abraham, Rick Pontifex?? (behind Zant), ????.

The herds in and the cowpokes relax on the beach.....from left sitting Me????, Dus Bayne, and Legsy Legoure?????

Old time star boy (ahem!!) plucks pensively on Dus Bayne's guitar in the Bayne's living room....Joan Baez, or Simon and Garfunkle would be the bet.

Hugh Robertson and his Austin Healey Sprite....Mine was white and numbered PE1912......miss it still today. Cheers 'n beers Hugh.