A sacred place in a sacred time.

Probably a swim-meet taken sometime in the early or mid-sixties....lovely old shot....thanks to Kim Merrick (Wood). Note full car park and no No5 dam in the background.

Douglas Bayne sits in the Men's Bar.

In this shot of the Main bar, From left - ??Alleyne, Douglas Bayne ??, Hidden?? (3/4 length sleeves, watch on right wrist.....hmmmm?? Raymond Westmorland looking away from camera....fag firmly clenched between dry lips.

Really tried to bring Ralph out of this old and not so good pic....sorry couldn't do better but we know who it is and the important thing is the super person that he was.

Ramdeo Rampat, known best simply as Rampat tends bar and joins in the old blag.

Reliably informed that this guy's name is Shorty. Ralph in the background.

From left - Jonesy (Dougla) gets set to pour a slug of Vat19, Ralph, Tex, and Shorty.