As breathtaking now as it was then.

A view taken from the highest point looking out over the mess on the right, the bachelors quarters on the left, and the beautiful carpet of thick jungle in the background. Invisible below the thick folds of the jungle is the Navet field. I understand that the monkeys are coming back and can be heard again some evenings.

Don't remember this as the bachelor's mess but that's what it is now. Sure to have some stories to tell.

This is the current mess and the Field Manager just getting in to his car, he took us for breakfast and even though Hodgie is gone the food is still excellent, the service great, and the young ladies as friendly as I ever remember them.

This was pointed out to me as the school.....sure don't remember it. It stands on the left of the Goudron road sort of halfway between the junction by the LACT Unit and the road up to the camp.......hmmmmm! time really distorts memory.