37 Years Later - PaP People.

Joel Maingot on the left and Bruce "Broc" Gibbons gladly break in to their conversation to let the photographer take this shot of these two past PaP people. They both enjoyed the day immensely.

Jackie Gibbons explains some fine point of an experience long ago, listened to attentively by Caroline Maingot (Collier). Two real PaP people who enjoyed the day.......good pic Jacks but bad timing.......my fault.

Rick Pontifex smiles broadly as I get some "pong" for my political leanings.....he enjoyed the day and thought that it had taken too long to get going.

The girls were glad for the distraction of the photo-take....Barry Carr-Browne at left had already started to take-off from the ole talk. Roz Fernandez and Diane Shaw (de Verteuil) were not so lucky until the photographer came up and bailed them out. Yours truly must have been carrying on about politics no doubt. Bad timing saw Suzette Garanito's hand come up in front of her face...sorry Suzette....bad timing.

Roger Fernandez and David Garanito relaxing near the kitchen where the coolers of drinks were stored and the table of food catered by Charleen Salazar (Turner) was laid out. With them is ??? Camp-Campins a neighbour, and in the background is Broc Gibbons' better half.

Can't take the jamming, nearer to the drinks or taking a rest.....not sure.....but this group of past-PaP people and those who shared the experience with us, chills out in the front yard. From left Garry Maingot, Hugh Robertson, Caroline Maingot (Collier), Mike Grainger, Rick Pontifex, Rodney Shaw, Roger Fernandez, Katheryn Pontifex, Diane Shaw, Roz Fernandez, Geoffrey Parsons, Yvonne Parsons.